2014 A New Beginning for Wealth, Health, and Do-Good-ers

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Every year at this time we are searching for change and a new beginning for the new year.  We are always looking to improve and make our lives better.  We are definitely “goal oriented” creatures because each year we sit down and write down new beginnings for ourselves.  Excitement of Change and something new runs down our spine and gives us shivers.  We crave anything that propels us forward thus we write down the change we crave.

Some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions each year:

  • Get fit
  • lose weight
  • manage debt
  • make more money
  • eat healthier
  • exercise more
  • quit smoking
  • manage stress
  • take a family trip
  • volunteer or give back to others

What I love about all of these resolutions is that I can help with all of these!  All of these resolutions deal with health, wealth, and doing more for others and I just happen to be a health, wealth, and business coach!  With my business I focus on all of these types of things all year around.  As a coach, I am automatically inclined to give you a 90 day challenge!!  You can choose one or all three 90 day challenges!  Why do I choose 90 days instead of 12 months?  Well the fact is that after about 90 days people tend to let their resolutions slip and they don’t stay a primary focus.  Everyone can run hard and focus on something for 90 days with the support of a coach or friends.  90 days of running hard towards that end result makes it possible for those resolutions to become a reality.

The Do-Good-er 90 day challenge:

I challenge you to pick 1 day a week for the first 12 weeks of the New Year and volunteer 1 hour that day.  Choose something that is close to your heart and that you feel like you can make a difference at.  Whether it’s for the local animal shelter, Women at Risk organizations, or the library know that you will make a difference for someone.  If we all do this, then we will leave the world better off after our 12 week Do-Good-er run!  Please take pictures and keep a log of what you do…I would love to feature you in a blog!

The 90 day Weight Loss Challenge:

The Ultimate Pack

1. Decide How much weight you want to lose.   The most important part of this Journey is that I am with you every step of the way and I will be doing this as well.  You can call me or text me every day if you need to.  I am here to support you when you need it.  Call me your Weight loss sponsor :) .

2. We need to decide on the package or combination of It Works products that you need to get started.  Our Challenge for most people will be based on “The Ultimate Pack”.  We can definitely customize a different set if needed.  But for most people the Ultimate Pack will do the job for this 90 day Challenge.  Luckily as a loyal customer or distributor you can get it at whole sale Pricing.  Check out the Ultimate Pack Review Here.  Call me and I’ll help you get your products order and coach you on what pack is best for you 616-3017-1824.

3. Print this Eating Schedule Off (five fit groups) ”Food induced Thermogentics=FIT” We are going to eat FIT!

4. After you order you will need to start your account on our Fitworks Community.  There are recipes and a blog on your profile where you can document how you are doing each week.  Talk about your successes and your failures.

5. Take a full body before picture and upload it to your Fitworks profile and blog your starting weight and measurements if you would like to measure (pictures are just fine if you don’t measure).

6. Each week post your new full body picture and blog your progress.  Weigh yourself and report it in your blog.  Keep a food log of what and when you eat.  Make sure you blog about whether you are keeping consistent with your products.  There is a product schedule on the site as well or check here.  BONUS….you get 1 cheat meal a week. During your cheat meal, really BLOW IT!  Have no fear…you have fat fighters!

7.  After 90 days I would love to blog about your progress if you would allow me to. :)

The 90 day Debt Pay off Challenge:

1.  Choose a debt or debts you want to pay off in 90 days.  Write down the amount that needs to be paid off.  We are going to discuss what you need to do to get that paid off in 90 days.

2. You are going to want to check out It Works! Global (The body Wrap Company) as your way to make the extra money you need to get it taken care of.  I’ve paid off tons of debt with my business and I am here ever step of the way coaching you on being a successful business Owner.  Read this Review on the company.

3. Call me to get started 616-307-1824.  We will get you started with your business and making money!  The New year brings us motivation to get things done!  It Works will change your life if you are ready for it!

4. I would love to blog about your story!  It’s a huge success to set a goal and achieve it.

Want me to coach you? Are you ready for your 90 day challenge?  Call me to get started 616-307-1824!

Don’t need a coach? Do you want to do the challenge but on your own terms?  You can start here!

Anna Godfrey Presidential Diamond 616.307.1824
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Anna Godfrey2014 A New Beginning for Wealth, Health, and Do-Good-ers

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