are you ready to get your wrap on?
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Are you ready to get your wrap on?

You are probably here because you were wondering about “That Crazy Wrap Thing”!  So let’s learn about it and decide to try it!

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What is it?

The It Works Wrap is a site specific body contouring system that helps to tighten, tone, and firm the area you are targeting.  It is a non-woven cloth saturated with a botanically based lotion that works the magic for us.  Pretty much if you have skin, then this is going to be great for you.  You can use the body wraps from your neck and chin down.  You can cut it and customize it to fit any body part you are creative to put it below your neck and chin. :)  Wrapping will help renew and revitalize the areas you choose to wrap.  We have a very passionate Doctor here at It Works who is a genius when it comes to skin care.  The wrap was the result of Dr. Luis Majares’ passion behind his pursuit to better skin.

How do you wrap?

You wear 1 wrap for a minimum of 45 minutes, then discard it after use.  Repeat every 72 hours until desired results.  We encourage you to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  It Works better the more water you drink.  We also encourage using defining gel on the days in between wraps.


How Many Wraps Do You Need?

Remember this always…

1 wrap is a TREAT.  4 wraps are a TREATMENT.  12 wraps are a TRANSFORMATION.

Every person’s body is different which means their results are going to be uniquely theirs.  The way I see it is the more you wrap the better your results are going to be.  You must commit to wrapping consistently and really giving the products a fair try.  Your body needs to use something over and over to really see how it’s going to work for them.

Do These Wraps REALLY Work?

Yes they do!  Everyone will see some sort of results.  You must stay active, drink your water, wrap consistently, and watch what you put into your body.  If you do those things, then you are on your way to amazing results.  Some people just need more wraps to get things moving than others, but that is okay.  Everyone has a different lifestyle and we can’t expect something to work the same for everyone, but rest assured…this will work for you!  Stay positive and keep wrapping…perseverance always wins!

The Before and After!

What I love as a VIP Wrap Girl is my clients who take before and after pictures!  This helps me to track your results and I can see what is happen each time you wrap.  I can compare your very first picture to your most recent after picture and show you what’s happening.

How to take a good before and after:

1.  Try and wear comfortable clothing.

2.  Make sure you use the restroom first.

3.  Make sure you take the picture in the same lighting each time if you can.

4. Try and use the same camera or phone each time.

5.  Try and take the picture at the same angle if possible.

6. Take a picture before you wrap each time.

7. Take a picture right after you take the wrap off.

8.  If you remember take a picture 72 hours after you wrap…so right before you wrap again.

***I can put those side by side if you would like or you can use a collage app on your phone.  I use PhotoGrid on my android phone.  You can get it for Iphone as well.


Maximize Results (click to read the post)

Get your Greens!

I always recommend our greens while you wrap and each day!  You will detox from the inside, balance your body’s Ph, and alkaline your body so your immune system is strong!  Learn more about greens!

The Wrap Party Presentation!


How do I get some wraps?!

1. You can become a Loyal Customer and get some discounts on your products! Start Shopping Now

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**Disclaimer: Wrap results are not guaranteed and will vary by individual.  

We are not a pharmaceutical, but we are FDA regulated. We have to
Follow all their rules. Our products aren’t FDA approved. Nutritional
Supplements and cosmetic products usually aren’t FDA approved but only

Because of this we are not allowed to make any claims on our products.

The following statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,
or prevent any disease


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